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Brought from the warmest, most beautiful and most comfortable point of Florida, a golden jewel that will shine before your eyes and leave you in awe, the CLC World Florida Resorts at Encantada is and will be for you the best destination to vacation and spend incredible and unforgettable moments. Since 1984, the CLC World Florida Resorts at Encantada offers the best service, the best amenities and accommodations, the best facilities and the most competent, friendly and helpful staff you can get in Florida.

It is a place for all ages, with large spaces, spectacular green areas, and dream landscapes, coupled with facilities that will give you extreme comfort. A visit full of peace can be converted if you wish in unforgettable adventures, if you dedicate yourself to visit all the tourist destinations that are close to the Resort, you can enjoy the Resort excellent transport service. You, as a guest, should just relax and enjoy all the amenities, such as heated swimming pools, a private lake with trails for walking or exercising, the bar to have the drink you want, games room, WI-FI areas and much more. The highly rated and reviewed CLC World Florida Resorts at Encantada assures you that it will make you feel like you are at home and your stay will create an emotional bond that will make you remember and wish to come back again!

Maximum relaxation and enjoyment are at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Make your reservation now! Learn more about this awesome vacation homes! Resort Website | View video on Facebook | See more photos of the resort | Google Maps

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