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Walt Disney World Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What are the important Disney phone numbers to remember?

2 – What is Disney’s Fastpass Service; how does it work and what is the cost?

Disney’s Fastpass Service is a guest enhancement at the Walt Disney World Resort, which offers guests an alternative to waiting in lines for many of the most-popular attractions. There is no additional charge to use Disney’s Fastpass Service. Here’s how it works: The Guest visits any attraction offering Disney’s Fastpass Service. Here, the guest has the option of waiting in the regular standby line or choosing Disney’s Fastpass Service. If the Disney’s Fastpass Service option is chosen, a guest inserts his or her theme park ticket into the FASTPASS machine. Out comes the Disney’s Fastpass Service Ticket denoting when to return to the attraction. Holders of Disney’s Fastpass Service Tickets are given a one-hour window for their return – for example, 10:05 – 11:05 a.m. That means the guest cannot enter the attraction using Disney’s Fastpass Service before 10:05 but is free to return at any time during the designated one hour window. Upon returning at the designated time, the guest heads straight for the Disney’s Fastpass Service entrance and proceeds directly to the attraction pre-show or boarding area with little or no wait. Guests are able to get several Disney’s Fastpass Service Tickets during a day in the Disney Theme Parks. However, they cannot immediately obtain multiple Disney’s Fastpass Service Tickets. How often can they get one? While the answer varies, it is printed on the guest’s current Disney’s Fastpass Service Ticket. (Usually 2-Hrs.)

To use Disney’s Fastpass Service, guests insert their park ticket into the Disney’s Fastpass Service turnstile and get a Disney’s Fastpass Service ticket that provides a window of time during which they can return to experience the attraction. When they return during a specific time period, the guests enter the Disney’s Fastpass Service Return queue and go directly to the attraction pre-show or boarding area with little or no further wait. Guests can use the Disney’s Fastpass Service at select attractions at all four Disney Theme Parks. There is no additional charge to use the Disney’s Fastpass Service. Disney’s Fastpass Service attractions, dates and times offered are subject to change without notice.

3 – How do the entitlements work on the Magic Your Way Tickets?

Guests decide how many (base) days they will spend at Disney and then decide on how they want to spend that allotted time. If they wish to stay within one park for each day, then they will just purchase base days. If they wish to go freely between all parks on the same day, then they may add on the Park Hopper Option. If the Guests would like to go to our water parks, DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park, or Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex they may add the Water Park Fun & More Option to give them a certain number of visits based on the number of theme park days they purchased. (i.e. 1,2 and 3 base days = 3 visits. 4 or 5 base days = 4 visits. 6 base days = 5 visits. 7 base days = 6 visits. All ticket entitlements will expire 14 days from first date of use, unless the No Expiration Option is added for a nominal fee. (Note: Numerous base day tickets cannot be used on the same day as a Park Hopper Option. The Park Hopper Option must be purchased.)

4 – Are there discount tickets (senior citizen, Florida Resident, military or coupons) for Disney?

There are no coupons for Walt Disney World Tickets, this includes senior citizen discounts, however military discounts are available for purchase at the Shades of Green Resort near the Magic Kingdom Park (for military personnel only). Some Advanced Purchase Savings may be available for certain ticket types on-line, or at AAA locations outside of Florida. If a guest is in market, they may be able to buy tickets for a discount at Florida AAA locations and at some Guest Service companies. Another discount option would be available via Timeshare tours, whereby you visit the resorts on a tour and are gifted tickets for spending your time with them.

Florida Residents are eligible for a 10% discount of the regular ticket.  For additional information call 407-824-2222.

5 – Is there a combo ticket with Universal Studios and Disney? Are they the same park?

No. These are two separate, competing entertainment companies and theme parks. There is no combo ticket that includes both the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Universal Studios. WDW Park Hopper Tickets and Magic Your Way Tickets are valid only at Walt Disney World Resort owned and operated them parks.

6 – Can you use WDW tickets at Disneyland?

Old Park Hopper Tickets are usable at the Disneyland Resort, but the current Magic Your Way Tickets will not work at the Disneyland Resort at this time.

7 – What attractions are best for pre-family, family, post-family?

Each Disney Theme Park has something of interest for every one of all ages. For examples, please see the Disney Park Planner on pages 17 and 18 in the Guide to Everything Disney brochure.

8 – What is ticket tag?

If Guests plan to reenter or visit another theme park on the same day, they will be invited to present their valid ticket or Resort ID with ticket entitlements and utilize the Ticket Tag system. Ticket Tag, uses “finger geometry” rather than traditional fingerprints. A camera takes a picture of several points on each person’s index and middle fingers and assigns a number value to the image. The technology, used for years for annual pass holders, is being phased in for all remaining pre-Magic Your Way Tickets, including but not limited to, Park Hopper and Park Hopper PLUS Tickets. Disney officially abandoned the old method of stamping visitors hands when they leave a park to allow re-entry. Now only the combination of a finger scan and ticket with the visitor’s name printed on it will permit re-entry or travel from one park to another. Guests with pre-Magic Your Way Tickets should sign their existing tickets (even though there is no pre-printed signature line) should they encounter a challenge with the Ticket Tag system upon re-entry.

9 – What can you do when it rains at Disney? Do the parks shut down?

The parks and attractions will remain open in case of rain showers, however, if there is lightning, some attractions will cease operations until weather clears.  If it’s too hot, there are other ways to beat the heat while in Orlando.  There are plenty of indoor attractions at all four Disney Theme Parks.

DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park is also a great alternative or addition to the theme parks during a rainy day.

10 – How can you get from park to park at Disney? How does the transportation work?

Complimentary shuttles via air-conditioned Motor Coaches are the most frequent ways of getting from park to park. Water taxis are available from some Disney Resorts to certain theme parks, or the monorail can be used between the Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot. You may also use taxi services or your own personal transport.

If a Guest is visiting Magic Kingdom Park, EpcotDisney’s Hollywod Studios or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and would like to go to a water park; have your Guest take WDW transportation, bus or monorail, to the closest WDW Resort. From the WDW Resort the Guest may take any WDW bus designated for Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park or Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.

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