Things To Do In Orlando

10 Things to expect when visiting Orlando for Summer

Best known for sandy beaches, live-action Disney Characters, and amusement park rides, the city of Orlando is more than a vacation getaway, for it’s a great place to settle down and raise a family, too.

But whether your goal is to check out Walt Disney World, or you’re in the market to buy a home, make your summer trip to Orlando count by preparing for what you will encounter when you spend summer in this lively city.

Heat – Temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 32 °C) can show up as early as June in Orlando. The heat may come with increasing regularity and even hotter temperatures, as the summer wears on into July and August.  High humidity causes the outdoor air to feel muggy as well, and you may feel sticky rather than sweaty. So, pack a neck wrap to stay cool when you’re out wandering in the sun and, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and wear your UV sunglasses, no matter what time of year you visit.

Rain – Rain pours year-round in Orlando, even in the summer.  Due to the frequency of rain here, you’ll want to layer up for maximum comfort.  Don’t forget to bring an umbrella, poncho or hoody, and of course, shorts.

Traffic  – Due to the seasonal influx in visitors, roads can become quite congested in the summertime.  Where people traveling through Orlando on the main highway may slow down while trying to find an address, a milepost, or an off-ramp, these distractions can be cumbersome to the point of causing great frustration, as well as potential hazards, to other drivers.  

Ensure you’ve got comprehensive coverage on your auto policy before your trip if you’re planning to drive, and it’s a good idea to bring along a traveling buddy as a navigator so that you can keep your eyes on the road.

Insects – When in Florida, you should definitely avoid walking anywhere barefoot, as this could land you into a hill of red ants.  Mosquito repellent will be your best friend, and practicing good house-hygiene habits (closed and sealed doors and windows with screens and covering sink drains) will help prevent roaches, mosquitoes, and other vermin from coming indoors

Local Entertainment – During the summer months, there is no shortage of deals and discounts, but steer clear of some sudden “package deals” marketed to you in the city at a moment’s notice.  Many ‘table events’ and street-side ticket sales are scams, intended to lure in naïve tourists, who end up paying too much for a “dinner show” that left much to be desired. 

10 things to expect in orlando in summerInstead, gather your coupons ahead of time, and research places where you will be dining and shopping.  Making comparisons and familiarizing yourself with the locality where you’ll be staying will help you set a budget and then stick to it by knowing what things should cost and, by avoiding impulse buys when you get to your destination. It would also help to learn a little about the different aspects of the area if you are thinking of renting an apartment or buying a house there.

Plenty of  Theme Parks – Of course, the Orlando area is home to theme parks known internationally as places for whole families to visit and enjoy. Disney, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and several water parks all have their own unique attractions that make them very different experiences. Many are open year-round, only closing due to severe weather, making them perfect cornerstones for any vacation! They are also conveniently located near to each other, so the only real choice becomes one or all of them to visit. 

Ecotourism Hotspots – Sadly, Orlando is a landlocked city an hour away from the nearest beaches. However, that absolutely does not mean that there is any lack of beautiful scenery to discover.  Natural beauty surrounds you in Orlando with canals, forests, marshlands, and several parks ready for you to explore and enjoy. 

Helpful Transportation – Being the tourist hot spot that it is, the city of Orlando has developed several systems of public transportation to help you get around the city. Most hotels in the city offer free shuttle services that can take you across the city to some of Orlando’s more popular areas. 

Cultural Richness – Orlando is full of different museums and galleries that host an incredible range of pieces across several types of media. The city is also full of theaters and gardens that host live shows where you can experience the city’s artistic aspects first hand. 

A Healthy Sports Atmosphere – If you are more interested in the sporty attractions of Orlando, the city hosts plenty of leagues and Golf Courses to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. Of course, feel free to head to a park to enjoy the recreational fields and play with the locals or book a field or court for your own use.