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Rolling into Orlando? Roll into Rolled Ice Cream!

Orlando is a playground for all ages with countless attractions that delight the young and the young at heart alike. For those hot days of fun under the Florida sun, nothing could be better than stopping for cold ice cream. It’s the treat that spans all age groups and cultures, uniting them harmoniously.

While there are plenty of places to get ice cream in Orlando, nothing compares to Rolled Ice Cream! Located on N. Alafaya Trail just south of E. Colonial Drive, you can roll in to experience this unique Thai frozen dessert.

Monday thru Wednesday $1.00 off any size cream
Rolled Ice Cream creates its heavenly frozen treats by pouring a base of sweet milk on a freezing cold steel pan. It is then mixed and churned with your choice of toppings. Once it achieves the proper temperature, it is flattened and rolled out into rolls, right before your eyes.

The fresh flavors and fascinating experience of watching your ice cream rolled in front of you adds to the fun of it all. It’s definitely an all-inclusive ice cream opportunity not just in visuals but for eating too. Rolled Ice Cream wants everyone to enjoy the experience which is why they also have flavor options for those that are lactose intolerant or follow a vegan way of life.
Monday thru Wednesday $1.00 off any size cream
Even if you have no dietary restrictions to speak of, if you’d prefer to lighten up your rolled ice cream with almond, soy, or coconut milk, it can be done. For those that have sworn off sugar, you can still enjoy Rolled Ice Cream with 10 tasty sugar-free options available to you.

While the rolled ice cream is certainly the main draw at Rolled Ice Cream Orlando, you can explore other menu options like shakes, malts, strawberry shortcake, banana splits, brownie sundaes, affogato, and iced milk lattes.

Be adventurous and give the Korean ice cream desserts Patbingsu and Bingsu a try. Taiyaki is another sweet treat that puts Rolled Ice Cream Orlando on the map. It’s a Japanese sweet cake shaped like a fish and filled with delightful fillings like azuki pasta or custard. Hurry though because the Taiyaki is a time-consuming process that yields only 400 per week and they go fast!
Monday thru Wednesday $1.00 off any size cream
Additionally, Rolled Ice Cream also serves Schoep’s scooped ice cream and Gilles frozen custard. If you’d prefer to stick to traditional ice cream as you know it or would rather have frozen yogurt, everyone in your group can be happy getting exactly what they want.

If you haven’t had lunch yet, stop in any way. You can get Coney Island-style hotdogs from Koegel’s and Nathan’s plus Halal hotdogs too. Then choose your Rolled Ice Cream and toppings for a sweet finish.

Put Rolled Ice Cream Orlando on your bucket list whether you’re just visiting or local and enjoy the thrilling and chilling experience!
Monday thru Wednesday $1.00 off any size cream
Rolled Ice Cream Orlando
Located in: Waterford Towers
Address: 688 N Alafaya Trail #104, Orlando, FL 32828
Telephone:(407) 203-8854
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