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Orlando Achieves Historical Milestone!

The theme park capital of the World, Orlando, is celebrating the arrival of 75 million visitors, in 2018, and the city is looking to be as popular this year. This is a record-breaking statistic, of which Orlando should be very proud, is a massive achievement.

Visit Orlando, the official destination tourism and marketing organization of Orlando recently announced the exciting news and provided a breakdown:

  • International Visitors = 6.48 million people
  • US Visitors = 68.55 million people

Did you contribute to this spectacular record-breaking achievement?

This goes to show how welcoming the Orlando community is and what great memorable moments they can create for all that visit. So, if you’re contemplating an Orlando vacation, this should swing your vote to a resounding “yes!”.

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Orlando’s Growth

Since 2009, The number of people visiting Orlando has increased by 61%, which is equal to 28 million people. To help put that into perspective that’s also the population of Texas, Americas largest state and more than the entire population of Australia and Jamaica combined. WOW!

From 2017- 2018 Orlando experienced an increase of 4.2% in visitors. So, this highly popular destination is still on the up and up.

Orlando’s popularity most likely lies in its ability to provide something for everybody, it’s ideal for a family vacation, a romantic getaway and a fun holiday with friends. Orlando offers the whole package!

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The Updates and New Attractions of Orlando

Since 2009, the city of Orlando has opened and upgraded plenty of attractions, hotels, shows, and restaurants. We have kept you up to date with all of this with articles such as:

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How Does Visiting Orlando Impact the Local Community?

Basically, when you visit sunny Orlando, not only do you make everlasting memories for yourself and family, but you also provide a better quality of life for Orlando residents. Your special visit equals more jobs and money for locals.

A whopping 41% of Orlando’s workforce is within the tourism industry. Practically everyone you see is being helped with your visit. That’s theme park workers, hotel staff, restaurants workers, entertainers, bus drivers and more.

The annual economic impact of visitors results in $70 billion, with $5.5 billion being spent on local and state taxes. With this money road surfaces, schools, hospitals, and parks can all be kept opening and operating to a high standard.

The winning formula of Orlando is going to guarantee further success for those visiting with the purpose of having an excellent and memorable experience and the local community.

What are you waiting for, book your trip today, the magic of Orlando awaits!