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Important Tips To Know For Your Disney World Visit

Important Tips To Know For Your Disney World Visit Are you thinking about taking a trip to Disney World in the coming months? If so, you’ll want to consider these tips to help make your experience more enjoyable. Spending time planning your trip beforehand will make everything go much smoother once you arrive.

Planning Beforehand

To put it simply, Walt Disney World is huge. The complex hosts:

• Four theme parks
• Multiple golf courses
• Two water parks
• A sports complex, home of the Atlanta Braves’ spring training
• 25 hotels
• Hundreds of restaurants

Not knowing the lay of the land will make for a confusing and frustrating trip. Depending on how long you’re visiting, you simply may not have time to visit everything in the park. And that’s ok, as there may be some attractions that you and your family might not want to see. Roughly mapping everything out beforehand will allow you to enjoy your trip, even if you have to improvise on the fly.

Additionally, because Disney World is such a popular tourist destination, many of the hotels and restaurants will be booked a couple of months in advance. If you’re thinking about going to Disney World, be sure to plan the trip far enough in advance that you’ll be able to secure lodging.

Come Hungry!

There are many unique treats that can be found throughout the park. For example, in this interview with ABC News, multiple Disney enthusiasts were asked to give their insider tips. Multiple Walt Disney World specialists gave their tips, and the first thing that three of them wanted to recommend was food!

One specialist indicated that there were great desserts to be found in Magic Kingdom Park, such as a freshly-made waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square. Another specialist indicated that their favorite experience in the park is picking up a caramel apple from the Main Street Confectionary. Located near the park’s exit, an apple can easily be picked up so that you can enjoy it later in the evening.

The third specialist remarked that her family always tries at least five new restaurants when visiting Walt Disney World. If nothing else, this speaks to the fact that there are a large number of restaurants located throughout the various parks. This particular specialist enjoyed sipping champagne at the Epcot World Showcase French Pavilion, which pairs well with a pastry from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie.

Admission Into Walt Disney World

The theme park offers two different ways to get into the parks. Visitors can acquire either single-day or multi-day tickets. When selecting multi-day tickets, visitors can purchase tickets that will grant them access anywhere from two to 14 days. Multi-day tickets are often the best deal if you and your family are visiting Orlando with the sole intention of spending time at Disney World and know that you’re going to be there for a few days.

Any ticket you purchase can also be upgraded to a park hopper ticket for an added fee. Park hopper tickets allow you visit multiple theme parks each day. Depending on what you’d like to do, you can also purchase a park-hopper plus ticket, which grants access to water parks and golf courses.

Again, it’s important to plan your trip beforehand so that you know which ticket you’d like to buy. Otherwise, you may be talked into buying a ticket that you will end up not needing or maximizing. Proper preparation ensures you’ll be able to purchase tickets based only on what you need, therefore allowing you to allocate your budget to other fun experiences. You also may not a ticket on the day you arrive or leave, as there is plenty to do in the park that does not require admission.